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Things didn't always look this way...

the clients, the programs, the book, the sales and the authentically confident woman you see today

didn't exist...

Just a decade ago you would have found me putting on an event for the nonprofit I founded, working 80 hour weeks making $15/hour missing out on living my life.


Brittany Bowman

Title: Director of Simplicity

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

3 Words That Describe Me: Empathetic, quirky, love embracing other people's authenticity

Beverage of Choice: Coffee - Gimme all the coffee

Favorite Angel Number: 111

My Perfect Day Would Be: Waking up in a cabin without an alarm. Drinking coffee with my husband on a porch with a view of mountains. Then, taking the kids on an outdoor adventure where they get to fully be themselves and explore.

Em Christine Thomas

Title: Creative Genius

Location: Columbus, Ohio

3 Words That Describe Me: Creative. Colorful. Spunky.

Beverage of Choice: Coffee

Favorite Angel Number: 11:11, 1:11 or 3:33

My Perfect Day Would Be: A beautiful sunrise/sunset over a beach, with coffee in one hand and a camera in the other. A creative activity planned for the day. Snuggles with my kid watching a movie in the evening.

Sarah Garazzo

Title:  Director of Program Experience

Location: Concord, New Hampshire

3 Words That Describe Me: Imperfect, Creative, Caring

Beverage of Choice: Ice Coffee, no matter the weather

Favorite Angel Number: 111 & 222

My Perfect Day Would Be: Full day with my toes in the sand, sunshine with my boys and margarita in hand. 

Kaitlyn George

Title: Social Media Assistant

Location: Milano, Texas

3 Words That Describe Me: resourceful, adventurous, animal lover


Beverage of Choice: sweet tea

Favorite Angel Number: 111

My Perfect Day Would Be: Waking up somewhere secluded with my family, with a day planned with fun activities and delicious food.

Crissy Conner

Title: Visible Ads Manager

Location: Grove City, Ohio

3 Words That Describe Me: Creative, Resourceful & Determined

Beverage of Choice: Sparkling water

Favorite Angel Number: 21

My Perfect Day Would Be: On a Hawaiian beach, I'm not picky which island with my family.


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